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Victoria Hawkins, L.C.S.W., 200hr RYT
Rediscovering Your Still, Small Voice PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 March 2014 21:43

Once upon a time you listened to that still small voice inside you. You didn’t imagine that it even existed separate from you, because it didn’t. It was you. And you listened to anything and everything that it told you to do... you just did it. It wasn’t a question of who will I upset or who will I please. It wasn’t even an inkling of what the proper etiquette is, or if you were wearing the “right” outfit.

No, you just acted. You acted and you traveled through those first few years of life feeling quite satisfied I am sure. But of course you don’t know because, most of us forget those moments along the way. The reason being that we cover them up with the “you should’s” and “I shouldn’t’s”, the “really you can’t do that”, or the “how could you’s!”

The expectations of a rule and regulation driven society win out, and the inner voice goes into hiding.

Then. one day something happens and you begin to wake up.

Then, another day happens, and you begin to wonder.

Then, more days happen end to end, and you begin to remember.

didn’t I have a little voice some long long long time ago. and didn’t I feel good when I just listened and acted on that little voice. didn’t that happen, or is it just a mirage? Or maybe this life is the illusion??? I wonder what would happen if I just listened to that still small voice inside of me? Really, could it be any worse than the way things are going now?

So one day you decide to trust it. And then something surprising happens, at least it is surprising to the you that is no longer in tune with the still small voice. The surprising thing is this- when you listen to, act on, and follow the still small voice life goes better.

Not just better. It goes well; even great! So I prompt you to take a moment today and close your eyes and imagine that voice inside of you. Give it a name if you need to. Listen to see what it has to say. It will be the best spent moment of your day.


1) FIND A PLACE YOU CAN BE STILL AND QUIET: This whole exercise will only take about 5 minutes, so anywhere could be suitable. Later as you get more adept at finding your stillness you will not even need quiet or physical body stillness!

2) TAKE 10 DEEP BREATHS: Inhale and exhale through the nose and just say in your head “I notice my inhale, I notice my exhale” while you breath

3) ASK A QUESTION: Ask your inner guidance a question. To begin, you might try “yes or no questions” or “this one or that one”.

4) EXPECT AN ANSWER IN GRATITUDE: Say thank you to your inner guidance for the answer you will receive. Your answer might come right away, it might be later when you are in the shower or cooking dinner. Sometimes the routes by which it comes are unique, but it will arrive.

5) TRUST THE ANSWER YOU GET: Trust that the answer you get is your inner guidance. Often we second guess that gut intuition. Have faith that you heard correctly, and be brave enough to follow.

Sunday, 30 September 2012 23:39

When I was a kid I could never quite “get” unkind treatment and judgment of others.  It just didn’t make sense to me that we were all so different, and that somehow I was better than you or you were better than me.  I didn’t always see that philosophy around me though, and as a kid I felt powerless to change it.